I won’t miss the sun,
     it’s light nor it’s warmth
I won’t miss the pale dawn
     nor the grey dusk
Nor the starry nights with the breeze
     so mild and soothing
That penetrates through the breasts
     where hearts are aching

I won’t care if flowers fade,
     in them there’ll be no beauty
I won’t care if the birds will sing
     not the song of liberty
If the seas will run dry
     and skies will turn to black
And man will have the all the wars
     and peace they lack

          if they’ll make me hungry
               the bread I’ll bit not
          if they’ll make me thirsty
               the wine I’ll sip not
          if they’ll make me lifeless
               I’ll be living
          if they’ll make me motionless
               I’ll be moving

          I can’t be scented
               I’ll have no odor
          I won’t fade
               I’ll have no color
          I can’t be molded
               I’ll be shapeless
          I won’t grow old
               I’ll be ageless

          They’ll make me dumb
               but I can loudly shout
          That the seeds I’ve sown
               all began to sprout
          Then there’ll be no yesterday
               there’ll be no tomorrow
          There’ll be pure joy
               there’ll be no sorrow

          At last I’ll find all the glories
               no more life’s storm
          I’ll remember not my sad stories
               only my long-dreamt rainbows form

I’m tired of being alive, and who is not?
Who’ll watch the play when performers rot?
We all saw it but only few like to stare
And the characters said they don’t care
As long as they can show to us who they are
By changing love stories into stories of war
They can’t hear us with our soft whisper
For their dreams are as deafening as thunder
We have the preacher’s music but it’s all in vain
All of us heard but only a few cared to listen
When shall we learn to stick to the words?
shall we when we’ll be pierced with swords?

                                            by doroastig
                                            sometime in the mid’75

I wrote this almost forty years ago when the time was so harsh. When I did this, my vision was blurred that I was not able to see lightnings, only the roar of thunder. That was the time I was transmuted.

Now I am awaken and can clearly see the lightning and hear its roaring thunder. The thunder I heard forty years ago was just a drum beaten to make people believe there was a storm, unlike the present situation when the storm is a real one. If I was transmuted by a man-made storm then, how much more with a real one now?

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Diokno Says Past Presidents Did Not Have ‘DAPs’


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Philippines: Politics of Popularity

Philippines: Politics of Popularity

Philippines: Politics of Popularity

Do you think Sen. Noynoy Aquino will win in his bid for presidency if his parents, Sen. Ninoy Aquino and Tita Cory who are now both deceased, are not popular? He will not! Politics in our country today tend to favor popularity rather than performance. It is evident in what the Liberal Party did. They fielded the more popular Noynoy for the presidency instead of Mar Roxas who is a far better senator in terms of performance. Of course, legislation is different from management; running the country as the chief executive is different from legislating laws but both require high level of performance.

In my high school days, the saying ‘I don’t care whether you like me or not as long as I’m popular’ was found in most of the slum books my classmates have. Today that adage is applied to Philippine politics. Look how Erap rated in the election polls. He scored second to Noynoy because he is popular. But is he not a convicted plunderer? A gambler? A womanizer? A good leader must be a good example to his followers. It is sad to think why this happened, but it is true; it is reality. Most of our countrymen prefer popular figures than less-known ones, they be criminals or poor performers.

How many of those who rated in the political polls are popular movie actors/actresses? Name a position and they are there: president, senator, congressman, governor down to the lowest local ones. I am not saying all of them are not capable of performing their real-life roles. As Richard Gordon observed- Lito Lapid is a better senator than Noynoy. The only thing why they have the courage to run for the position is because they are popular.

It is the same with those who ran because their fathers are popular senators/congressman. They have courage to run because of their forebears’ popularity even though they themselves have not even inscribed their names in the minds of the Filipino people. Funny, isn’t it?

Here are some examples of how popularity is being utilized:

**a mother ran for congress in a district which is/was held by her son. She won.
**a mayor/father ran as vice-mayor of his incumbent vice-mayor daughter who, in turn, ran for mayor (it the father’s last term as mayor). Both won. The daughter defeating no other than the Speaker of the House.
**a mayoralty candidate ran as governor after the gubernatorial candidate husband died during campaign period. Unluckily, she lost.
**an actor who ran as congressman who was later disqualified due to lack of residency urged his wife to run in place of him and she won.

We may seem to deviate from what we are talking about: popularity. Why? I am only trying, as much as I can, to illustrate what drove these men/women, who use popularity as one of their undeclared flatforms.

So, what these men/women are after for? First we must find the definition of politics, especially partisan one because that is what we are in. As defined in the dictionary: Partisan politics– Intrigue or maneuvering within a political unit or group in order to gain control or power. (Partisan politics is often an obstruction to good government) If the definition is right, it is POWER! That is what these men/women are going after while setting aside delicadeza.

The 70’s adage ‘I don’t care whether you like me or not as long as I’m popular’ is thriving in their minds. I only wish that, in our next political exercise, this will be lessened- and this only happen if our countrymen will become much more enlightened. Popularity of a candidate is not the gauge why he/she should be voted for. It is only PERFORMANCE and not the other way around!

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‘Don’t get carried away by Noynoy bandwagon’

‘Don’t get carried away by Noynoy bandwagon’

Bishop Deogracias Iñiguez, Jr.

Isang Katolikong obispo ang nagbabala sa publiko laban sa walang taros na pagsuporta sa kandidatura sa pagkapangulo ni Sen Benigno Simeon ‘Noynoy’ Aquino III.

Si Bishop Deogracias Iñiguez, Jr. ng Manila ang nagsabi na ang masusing pagsusuri ng plataporma ng bawat kandidato, at hindi ang bandwagon effect ang dapat gamitin sa pagpili ng mga kandidato sa 2010.

“Hindi tayo magpapatangay sa ating mga damdamin o sa pamamagitan ng bandwagon na pag-iisip. Kahit sinong papasok sa larangan ng politika, pag-aaralan natin. susuriin natin ang kanilang mga programa. Hindi komo Aquino, iboboto na natin”, aniya.

Iñiguez, pangulo ng Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, public affairs unit, nagsabing ang mga tao ay dapat tumingin sa talaan ng adbokasiya ng mga kandidato na para sa kabutihan ng nakakarami.

Inihayag ni Aquino na siya ay tatakbo sa pagkapangulo sa 2010, isang linggo matatapos magbigay daan sa kanya ang pangulo ng Liberal Party na si Manuel Roxas II.

Ang popularidad ni Aquino ay tumaas nang mamatay ang kanyang ina na si dating pangulong Corazon Aquino noong ika-isa ng Agosto at sa ika-26 na anibersaryo ng kamatayang kanyang ama na si dating senador Benigno Aquino.

Samantala, ang obispo ng Cubao na si Bishop Honesto Ongtioco pinapayuhan si Aquino na sundan ang halimbawa na itinakda ng kanyang ina sa pagpapatakbo ng isang matuwid ngunit karampatang mga kampanya.

“Sa tingin ko ay hindi tayo makakakuha ng isang perpektong kandidato. Ang mahalaga para kay senador Aquino ay ang makakuha ng mga mabuting tagapayo. Ang kanyang pagkakahayag ay kinakailangan ngunit ang katatagan ay dapat ring ikonsidera. Tulad ng kanyang ina, dapat siya ay maging madasalin upang maging kampante sa pagharap sa mundo”, sabi ni Ongtioco.

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