The Beauty of Our Domain

The Beauty of Our Domain

The Beauty of Our Domain

Wake up to the pale light of the lovely morn
Hear the birds sing praising for the new day
As the sun rises, new hopes are born
Worries disappear, your heart joyfully sway

The ripples of the brooks, how pleasant to hear
Roses’ inviting fragrance is life to smell
Your long-borne loads will be easier to bear
You will raise to heights no one can tell

As the sun shines on you, my dear little son
Life-giving warmth sooth through your heart
And all of your trouble will turn into fun
Life, hope, and joy will fill your every part

Behold the waves of the ripening grain
The breeze will bring you their pleasant smell
With thoughts that your existence is not in vain
They fill your life with unending thrill

When the sun’s heat burns your sweaty soul
The green shady trees silently invite you
The rippling brooks fills your emptiness to the full
With crystal-clear water, all your sorrow will go

Behold the peaceful blue sky
While the pretty lovebirds tirelessly sing
Your thoughts will soar a thousand miles high
Your exhausted breast will merrily ring

Behold the inspiring things around you, my dear
They are colored with the light of the golden sun
The green surroundings that this place wear
Help make you strong and your weariness be gone

The penetrating cold wind that softly blow
Make this paradise dance with glee
It will tenderly shake off the failures you knew
New hopes appear, away your doubts flee

The murmur of the creek’s clear cold water
The sighs of the breeze as it blow over the fields
They’ll create in you a heart-touching prayer
And you will reap the lasting peace that they yield

My son, see the paradise’s colorful sunset
When the sun will rest after its weary day
Darkness will begin to spread its confusing net
The once blue sky will slowly turn to gray

Before the darkness reign, the sun will turn to red
The lovebirds’ song become so sad as if they weep
With motherly lullabies, they bid their young to bed
And when the night come, all living creatures fall asleep

Heart-hugging calmness is what you feel, my dear
When you are in our paradise’s night
Soothing night breeze pierce you like a spear
It’ll refresh your soul till the fading of your light

The pale moon will shine on you while you peacefully rest
Dancing over you are the glittering stars
You will be in your dreamed comfort at its best
Heartaches will be forgotten, gone will be their scars

Feel the tenderness of the roaming night winds
It will loosen your breast which had been so tight
Its profound joy to you it kindly lends
You will be in paradise till the dawn spread its pale light


sometime in mid ’77
Cadunan, Mabini, Comval

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Kung Tayo’y Magiging Iisa

Kung Tayo’y Magiging Iisa

            Kung Tayo’y Magiging Iisa

                                                    ni doroastig

kung gitara mo’t gitara ko’y pagsasamahin ang tinig
at sabaysabay tayong aawit ng iisang himig
kung sabaysabay din tayo sa pagkalabit at pagtipa
pakingga’t tunog nating dalawa’y magiging iisa

kung kita’y hahayaang mag-iisa sa iyong pag-awit
wala kang madamang kasiyahan kahit sansaglit
ang papasanin mo’y ga-mundong paghihirap
sa mga pangangailangan sa iyo’y walang lilingap

kung sa pag-awit ako’y hahayaan mong mag-iisa
pagtipa’t pagkalabit ko’y walang kasigla-sigla
tunog na magawa ko’y magiging matamlay
sa mga pagkakamali sa aki’y walang aagapay

ngunit kung sa pag-awit tayo’y magkasabay
tunog nating dalawa’y mapupuno ng buhay
at kung sa mapang-aping hanay ito’y ating iparirinig
mga puso nila’y maguguluha’t maliligalig

Ikaw ba’y handa nang makikiisa sa mga awiting dapat nating iparinig sa mga kinauukulan?

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Ang Kabilang Buhay

Ayon sa aming Religion teacher sa elementarya na si Mrs. Apolonia dela Cerna, may dalawang uri ng paghatol, ang particular judgment (para sa bawat indibiduwal) at ang general o final judgment. Nung isinulat ko ang tulang ito mahigit tatlumpung taon nang nagdaan, ang nasa isipan ko ay ang final judgment.
Sa Revelation 20:15, mababasa ang susunod:
12 At nakita ko ang mga patay, malalaki at maliliit, na nakatayo sa harap ng trono, at mga aklat ay nangabuksan. Ang isa pang aklat ay binuksan, na siyang aklat ng buhay. Ang mga patay ay hinatulan ayon sa kung ano ang kanilang ginawa gaya ng nakaulat sa mga aklat. 13 Ibinigay ng dagat ang mga patay na nasa loob nito, at kamatayan at ng hades ang mga taong patay na nasa kanila, at ang bawat tao ay hinuhusgahan ayon sa kung ano ang kanilang ginawa. 14 At ang kamatayan at ang Hades ay ibinulid sa dagatdagatang apoy. Ang lawa ng apoy ay ang pangalawang kamatayan. 15 Sinuman na ang pangalan ay hindi nasumpungang nakasulat sa aklat ng buhay, ay ibinulid sa dagatdagatang apoy.
Maliwanag na ito ang panahon ng paghatol hindi lamang sa mga patay kundi pati na sa mga buhay.
Ngayon ang tanong: may kinalaman kaya ang Revelation 20:12 sa katapusan ng Mayan long count calendar na magaganap sa Dececemder 21, 2012, winter solstice ng taong yun? Bakit parehong may numerong 2012? Ito ba’y isang coincidence lamang? May katotohanan kaya ito?

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Kung Hei Fat Choy 恭喜发财 2011

Kung Hei Fat Choy 恭喜发财
Happy Chinese New Year 2011

Chinese New Year is a product of the Lunisolar Calendar
The Chinese calendar harmonizes both the Lunar cycle and the Solar year by incorporating astronomical observations of:
a.The phases of the moon and
b.The apparrent path of the sun

How is Chinese New Year’s Day determined?
In one sentence, the Chinese New Year is the second New Moon after the Winter Solstice. It is based strictly on astronomical observations, and has nothing to do with the Pope, emperors, animals or myths. Due to its scientific and mathematical nature, we can easily and precisely calculate backward or forward for thousands of years.

The Winter Solstice occurs when the apparent path of the sun reaches its lowest point on the horizon. To an observer in the northern hemisphere, the sun reaches its lowest height of the year on that day. The shadow it casts is the longest. For an observer in the southern hemisphere, the opposite is true.

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The Two Most Valuable Gifts I Ever Received

The Two Most Valuable Gifts I Ever Received

image lifted from

Two years ago (12Mar’08), I received a valuable gift from Carmeli, one of my daughters. Today (06Apr2010), I receive another one of the same value from Junjun, my only son.

From my daughter, it was a prince and from my son, a princess.

As of this moment, i am overwhelmed with so much JOY and words keep rushing to my mind that I don’t know what and how to write…

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