I Came From A Distant Place

I Came From A Distant Place

                        I Came From A Distant Place

I came from a distant place
But that place was not for me
Even though its skies were blue
Away from there I had to go

The people there, I love them all
But the people there made me small
That’s why I became so mad
But right now for being so I’m sad

When I was young in that distant place
There were no storms, just soft breeze
There my ship began to sail
With hopes someday I’d never fail

In that place as I grow
Hard strong winds furiously blew
It’s really sad to think
That my ship – it has to sink

I knew it was so unkind
To leave my sunken ship behind
But for me it was a crossroad
Leading to my life or to my load

This new place is not like that place
You greet me here with an embrace
Tho’ my life was as dark as night
Can go through it ’cause you give me light

From this place I’ve clearly seen
The stormy sea where I have been
Thanks to you for what you give
A strong new ship for me to live

That distant place had been a part of me
And the people there I long to see
I’ll pray someday they’ll greet me warm
Forevermore, they’ll do me no harm

                                                 sometime in mid ’75
                                                 Pigsapawan, Gov. Gen., Dvo. Or.

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Kung Bakit Natalo si Manny

larawan galing sa http://www.mmamania.com

Ang pananampalataya ay hindi katulad ng pagbabayanihan sa paglipat ng isang bahay na kung saan mas marami ang nakikisali, mas gagaan ang kakargahin ng bawat isa. Bagkus, ito ang kabaligtaran. Ang ibig kong sabihin, ang taong may dalawang relihiyosong grupong kinaaaniban, parang dalawang bahay na rin ang kanyang pinapasan.

Iyan ang nangyayari kay Manny kahit na ang kanilang labanan ay puno ng kontrobersiya.

Para sa round-by-round na detalye sa labanang Pacquiao/Bradley, mag-klik dito

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The Beauty of Mathematics

        Ngayon, tingnan ito … 101%

        Mula sa isang mahigpit na matematikal na kuru-kuro: Ano ang
        katumbas ng 100%?

        Ano ang ibig sabihin para bigyan ng mas
        higit pa kaysa sa 100%?

        Di ba magtataka kayo kung may magsabing nagbibigay siyang
        higit pa sa 100%?

        Paano makamit ng 101%?

        Ano ang katumbas ng 100% sa buhay?

        Narito ang isang maliit na pormulang matematikal na
        maaaring makatulong sa sagot sa mga tanong na ito:

        Kung ang:
        A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
        Ay kinakatawan bilang:
        1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26

        Kung ang:
        8 +1 +18 +4 +23 + 15 +18 +11 = 98%

        11 +14 +15 +23 + 12 +5 +4 +7 + 5 = 96%

        Subalit ang:
        1 +20 +20 +9 +20 + 21 +4 +5 = 100%

        Pagkatapos, tingnan kung gaano kalayo ka dadalhin ng
        LOVE OF GOD:
        12 +15 +22 +5 +15 + 6 +7 +15 +4 = 101%

        Samakatuwid, maaaring solusyonan ito sa pamamagitan ng
        isang matematikal na katiyakan na:
        Ang HARD WORK at KNOWLEDGE ay makakuha ka ng mas
        malapit, at ATTITUDE makakakuha ka, ang LOVE OF GOD ay
        maglalagay sa iyo sa higit pa sa 100%!

        Pagpasyahan mo kung ibahagi ito sa iyong mga kaibigan at mga
        mahal sa buhay tulad ng ginawa ko ..

        Magandang araw at harinawang basbasan kayo ng DIYOS!

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The Son…The Father…Me


The Son…The Father…Me
“What a father teaches to his son will also be taught by the same son to his own.”


SOMETIME IN THE EARLY 60’s…on the hilly side of a remote barrio Bongabong, in Pantukan, Davao…around 5:00 a.m…
“This is radio station DXAW now signing on. This station is owned and operated by Auto Broadcasting System (now ABS-CBN) and transmitting at 640 kilocycles.”, the Avegon transistor radio blared in the early summer morning.
The door of a small house has opened. The father, Teofilo (RIP), has sharpened his grasshawk while his carabao has just started to nibble the young kumpay grass. The smell of burning kerosene from the abohan (cooking place) suggested that the mother, Isidora (RIP), had risen too. The son, about twelve, was unaware of what was going on. He was still in his deep sleep.
As expected, “Pagmata na diha! (hey,there, wake up)”, the father said.
The son hesitantly obeyed. After he rubbed his face with his bare hands, he headed towards the small, wood framed mirror to comb his long hair, Beatles style. The father’s Tugaris wristwatch displayed 5:10 a.m. He then re-tuned the radio to dxMM to listen to his favorite songs. “Constantly” by Cliff Richard. “There’s Always Me” by Elvis, but most of all, to the Beatles. He has seen them on Song Cavalcade, a songbook called songhits. To him, they were the best. The father’s advise not to sport long hair was ignored. His big but flat nose did not match to his hair, unlike the real Beatles’.
The father though, did not fail to instill to the son’s mind the rewards of hard work. Of perseverance. Of self-reliance. Of trustworthiness. Of diligence. And many more. He did these not just by words but also by acts. He was a man of few words. He showed strong character not only during plentiful harvests but also on scarce seasons.
And yes, the importance of education. In one occasion, the son joked about the father’s ability to write clearly. It was election time. Marcos/Lopez vs. Macapagal/Pelaez for president/vice president. The father practiced what he would write in the ballot. He preferred Marcos/ Lopez but the “c” in Marcos was not bent well and the “L” in Lopez looked like a “B”. The son called him Marios Bopez. The father just laughed and said, “Do not follow me. Study hard until you finish. I am here to support you.”
PRESENT TIME…in the city… The wall clock displays 7:00 a.m.
The telephone rings. The father answers. It is an early call from Mila Cabiliza, the procurement officer from Tagum City-based DANECO, an electric cooperative supplying electricity to two provinces and two cities. She asks if their rush ordered goods are ready to be picked up. DANECO, (together with all the electric cooperatives in Mindanao thru Kupler Industries) has been his regular client for years.
The father have already packed them up the day before. It took him and his buddies four days to fabricate the goods. His shop is neat and tidy. The tools are in their proper places.
The twenty five-year old son, Junjun, is still sleeping. The father does not want to wake him up. He knows his son is working overtime for his programs. The father’s dreams for him are now a reality. The son finished his studies and is now working for a foreign company. Home-based – through the internet. In fact, he now operates and maintain a website he himself created.
Did the father effectively instill to his son’s mind the rewards of hard work? Of perseverance? Of self-reliance? Of trustworthiness? Did he show it not only in words but also in deeds? Did he displayed a strong character to his son?
Maybe yes. Junjun followed what the father wants him to. He never had any tattoos– no body piercing in any manner. He does not smoke. He sticks to only one girl for almost five years. He works diligently.
A good son? Sure!
A good father? Maybe.
Obvious. Both have fathers. Both have sons. The fathers wake up earlier than the sons. They both taught their sons moral values not just by words but by deeds as well. They showed to their sons strength in character.
Why are they similar? It is but natural, an age-old fact. What a father teaches to his son will also be taught by the same son to his own. The son in the early 60’s and the father at present time is one and the same– and that is me. I have been raised by my father with moral values, so I have to, too, to my son.
My only regret is that my father’s dreams for me did not all come true. While my son finished his studies, I have not!
Still, I am a happy and fulfilled father to my son!

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