My Life’s Dedication (a re-affirmation)

                  My Life’s Dedication
                      (a re-affirmation)

with your love, i am now what I am told
with gray hair i know i have lived so long
i can not repay you with silver nor with gold
only my whole self and an ardent song

i shall sing to you the song of praise
the song of thanks and of adoration
i shall sing from my heart with bent knees
i shall make you the object of my meditation

for the life in the fields, the murmur of brooks
the peace in the sky, the love in the breeze
the beauty in flowers, the care from the folks
i shall gaily sing for them a lively song of praise

for the seas and hills, the valleys and plains
for every drop of rain that all-year round you bring
for the rays of the sun that shine on the grains
a sincere song of thanks i shall joyfully sing

for every hope and inspiration your beauty yield
for every morn broken, for every flower borne
for every dream fulfilled with your bountiful field
i shall sing for you the solemn adoration song

when lightning strike and quake mightily shake
when storm furiously blow and thunder angrily roar
when fear and confusion will stir the minds of the weak
i shall comfort them– they are whom i lived for

when there will be droughts and your brooks will run dry
when the fields crack and the shady trees’ leaves fall
when the sun will ceaselessly burn in the sky
i shall shed my tears to refresh your thirsty soul

when there will be floods and your treasure be drifted away
when the birds shiver and the flowers lose their charm
when the rain will continue to pour all day
i shall offer my breast to make your cold heart warm

i know i have but a single life to live
it maybe filled with joy more than a heart could bear
still, this blissful life i shall willingly give
for you, the the edge of grave i shall never fear

i know i have a lone death to die
it maybe filled with blood and strife and pain
still, i shall take that death without a sigh
what i lose for you will be counted as my gain

the sharp claws of death can do me no harm
its fangs may pierce me like a double-edged knife
i maybe torn to pieces but my heart shall remain warm
to serve just you till the last speck of my life

the wide mouth of death can swallow me not
dust and ashes i may become in my final rest
tho’ the wear of time will make the mortal in me rot
i know somewhere in your heart i shall forever exist!

                                           sometime in mid ’77
                                           Cadunan, Mabini, Davao del Norte

I wrote this as a man in his later years, toiling under the heat of the sun as my father Teofilo (RIP) did. The romantic beauty of the interiors of Cadunan in Mabini, Davao del Norte (now ComVal Province) provided me countless ideas enough to fill pages of a modest book. My most meaningful works are written there, like TO YOU MY SON. Its rolling hills with the cool brooks were so fascinating that I promised to myself I will be back there someday to behold its beauty and perhaps write there once more. I know Totong Awoman, our neighbor then, will still share his sinudsoran. I hope…

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Philippine Science High School Graduates

Philippine Science High School Southern Mindanao Campus

To all Philippine Science High School graduates of batch 2013:

An inspirational notes to gifted Phil Sci students coming from me? It sounds funny. Why would I dare? The truth is, you are smarter than me. If I can have tens of those notes, surely, you got hundreds. So, why waste my time inspiring your brilliant minds? Entering Phil Sci alone is already a great source of inspiration for you.

Instead of inspiring, which you already were, all I want to do is to guide you in setting your goals and objectives in life- like all fathers do to their sons and daughters. Like a gun loaded with only one bullet, I want you to focus to your targets before squeezing your triggers because in life, there is no rewind and no replay – there is no turning back. What you put into it must be the ones you want in the future. If you want your lives to be in color green, you must stick to it even if there are rainbows dancing before you.

It is true that there are diverse roads leading to your desired destination. There are well-paved, there are crooked, and thorny, and rocky. Any of them is worth taking. It is your choice as long as it leads to your destinations. Just remember not to take the shortcuts for it will lead to failure.

Brilliant Phil Sci students, this note is not to challenge your intelligence – I know I can’t beat you. You have been in this institution because of it. I wrote this as your father and a guide. Halfway, I knew what life is. I have been traveling through it for sixty two long years and all I can say, along the way, there are detours; there are ups and downs. Just be strong to bear with them. Like what your instructors did to you, life has tests – and because you pass your instructors’, you will surely pass them, too.

My dear students, I want you to solemnly pledge to yourselves, and to your parents as well, that you will always aim your guns to your targets; that you will travel bravely to reach your desired destinations no matter what the hindrances might be. Have strong faith in yourselves. Tho’ you will be traveling on a long hard road, you will soon realize that success is just a few steps away.

Good luck. May the Divine Guidance be with you always.

Your guide,
Isidoro Rosales

I wrote this one last year when my youngest daughter, Nikka, graduated from Philippine Science High School Southern Mindanao Campus (PiSay or PhiSci)(year 2013). We, the parents of the graduating students, were asked to write a letter of inspiration to the new graduates which I did without hesitation.
Since this is another time for graduations, I decided to post this here with hopes that, in one way or the other, the message contained herein will be absorbed by our new graduates.

Click here for the front view of PhiSci

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Happy Father’s Day

Ang Father’s Day ay isang pagdiriwang sa pagpaparangal ng mga ama at pagiging-ama at ang impluwensiya ng mga ama sa lipunan. Maraming mga bansa ang ipagdiwang ito sa ikatlong Linggo ng Hunyo. Ang Father’s Day ay kumukumplemento sa Mother’s Day, isang parangal sa mga ina na ipinagdiwang naman sa pangalawang Linggo ng Mayo.

larawan galing sa

“I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection.” — Sigmund Freud

“The father who does not teach his son his duties is equally guilty with the son who neglects them.” –Confucius

“One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters.” — English Proverb

“It is a wise father that knows his own child.” — William Shakespeare

“You don’t have to deserve your mother’s love. You have to deserve your father’s. He’s more particular.” — Robert Frost

“My father didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.” — Clarence Budington Kelland

“A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty.” — Unknown

“By the time a man realizes that maybe his father was right, he usually has a son who thinks he’s wrong.” — Charles Wadsworth

“It is a wise father who knows his child. But maybe it’s a very wise child who takes time to know his father.” –Anonymous

“How pleasant it is for a father to sit at his child’s board. It is like an aged man reclining under the shadow of an oak which he has planted.” –Voltaire

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I Made an Honest Mistake


Two days ago, I had an urge to visit Mga Sulating Pilipino‘, my blog on WordPress to check on my latest post and to edit if it needed to be. After I clicked the ‘MSP‘ icon on my desktop, to my surprise, an unusual message appeared. My God, my blog was archived/suspended!!!

Mixed feelings crept within me. How come? Why? What WordPress ‘Terms of Service’ have I violated? For almost two years tinkering with this blog, why just now? What will happen to my co-blogger/friends there who brought me a sense of fulfillment? All I want when I started ‘MSP’ is to share whatever I have, technical, memorable experiences, personal perspective of present issues, and many, many more. It is never intended to spread nonsense posts. At my age of almost sixty, have I the guts to post misleading topics? No, considering that some of the co-blogger/friends called me ‘Itay/ Papa’ which made me feel I am worthy of it. Does a father can be called as such when, intead of leading children to a brighter future, teach them to break rules? No…and never!

Even though I can not log in to WordPress, I have managed to access WordPress Terms of Service. I want to say here, I made a mistake but an honest one. Those who followed ‘Mga Sulating Pilipino’ knew that when I use image or quote parts of published items, I see to it that the owner of the item/items are properly acknowledged. When that urge hit me two days ago, what I have in mind is the one I was bothered: my last post. It was entitled ‘Color your Blog’. The violation I committed is on the last part of it. With thoughts I might share what I knew, I placed a link that will show a Javasript program which when clicked will show this:

My mistake? Intead of opening it from your browser, it will be opened on my blog. Did you see the caption that go with the program? I seemed to have claimed the ownership of the program which I do not. Its rightful owner would presume that the owner of the blog where it appeared claimed its ownership. My mistake is, instead of writing down its URL, I made a link out of it! An honest mistake! The truth is, you can use it without setbacks when opened from your browser.

A part of WordPress ‘Terms of Service’ states that:

Scraper blogs: Blogs that take content from other blogs and re-publish it without permission (this is sometimes called scraping). If a blog contains stolen content, it’s gone!

The owner of the program is not just a simple blog, it is a website. I have no right to use it on my blog. Truthfully I have been using it personally since I blogged. I do not know if eCritters (the owner of the program) will grant permission to placed it on a certain site. I have not tried to. It is my personal reference as to what color to use in my blogs. I regret it but ‘what’s the use of crying over spilled milk’? Due to my carelessness, I have already lost ‘MSP’. I am very sorry for doing so, eCritters.

Nevertheless, ‘Mga Sulating Pilipino’, is just one of mine. I have still two, dot coms and one of these is ‘Points to Wonder’. The question: “What will happen to my co-blogger/friends” can be partially answered through this. I can still share my thoughts and at the same time, view theirs. I can still connect to them.

Your question now will be, “Why not act immediately so that we know what really happened to “MSP“? My answer: It is hard for me to accept the WordPress verdict at first. I seem to lose my sense of existence. Secondly, since I can not access my ‘MSP’, it took time for me to duplicate the ‘WordPressers’ widget where my Worpresser friends can be accessed. Try to see the side bar here, are the ‘WordPress Bloggers’ the same as ‘MSP‘s?

Lastly, I hope this post will enlighten the readers why ‘MSP’ was suspended from WordPress. I have violated one of WordPress ‘Terms of Service‘ but, God knows, it is an unintentional one.

Incase you want to use the invaluable eCritter program, here is the link:

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Ang Aking Ana

Paunawa: Ang tulang ito ay import mula sa dating friendster blog ko na aking na-revive. Ito’y nai-publish ko noong ika-11 ng Abril, 2008 na ang mga komento ay makikita rito. Sa tulang ito ay may babaeng nagduda na hindi ako ang may gawa. Ang sagot ko kanya ay makikita rito.

Ang Aking Ana

Ang aking naging panganay, Ana Regina Carmeli

Ang tulang nasa ibaba ay naisulat ko nung ako’y binata pa. Kasama ng iba ko pang naisulat, ito’y itinago ko na lang at kinalimutan. Nang nakita ko na ang babaing inibig ko nang husto, ako’y nagpasyang lumagay na sa tahimik…

Pagdaan ng mga araw, nalaman kong malapit na akong maging tatay. May napagkasunduan kami ng misis ko na kung lalaki ang magiging panganay namin, ako ang pipili ng magiging pangalan. Kung babae naman, siya. Nung mga panahong ‘yon may napili na ako: Juan Carlos Isidoro, in short, JCI. Ang Juan ay sa lolo ko sa mother side. Ang Carlos ay sa Carlos P. Garcia na pinsan ng nanay ko at ang Isidoro naman ay siyempre, sa akin.

Nang siya’y nagluwal na, isang sanggol na babae kaya siya ang nagbigay ng pangalan. Dahil sa ang misis ko ay palasimba, ang naging pangalan ng sanggol ay Ana Regina Carmeli. Hindi ko alam kung saan niya nakuha ang ‘Ana’. Ang alam ko ay ang Regina Carmeli, Queen of (Mt.) Carmel. Nang itanong ko ito sa kanya, sumagi lang daw sa isipan niya. Ang sapantaha ko’y nakuha niya ito sa karakter na ginawa ko. Baka nasa subconscious na niya ito dahil nung magkasintahan pa lang kami, nabasa na niya ang mga naisulat ko.

‘Yon lang…

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The Two Most Valuable Gifts I Ever Received

The Two Most Valuable Gifts I Ever Received

image lifted from

Two years ago (12Mar’08), I received a valuable gift from Carmeli, one of my daughters. Today (06Apr2010), I receive another one of the same value from Junjun, my only son.

From my daughter, it was a prince and from my son, a princess.

As of this moment, i am overwhelmed with so much JOY and words keep rushing to my mind that I don’t know what and how to write…

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…a calm before the storm

‘…a calm before the storm’

a line from one of my favorite songs ‘have you ever seen the rain’ by CCR goes this way:
‘someone told me long ago, there’s a calm before the storm’

the last entry to this blog aside from this one was on february 24 and prior to that was on january 13. it is just now that i have entered this one. for almost two months, there was a lull- calm, stillness. and as the song goes,’there’s a calm before the storm’, here now comes the storm.

out of more than twenty-one thousand who took the national PhilSci entrance/scholarship exams on 15th of november last year, only a thousand passed. that is in the entire philippines. and out of more than three thousand who took it in mindanao, only ninety passed. the overall ratio of the passers against those who took is 1:21! the result was released on the 15th of february this year and one of passers is my youngest daughter, Nikka (Nelly Karen Viktoria).

for the first time in the history of this school, a student garnered eleven more medals aside from the one as a valedictorian this year, to wit:
1. Best in English
2. Best in EPP [Edukasyon Pangtahanan at Pangkalusugan]
3. Best in Mathematics
4. Best in Hekasi [Heograpiya, Kasaysayan at Sibika]
5. Best in Science
6. Best in Filipino
7. Best in Spelling
8. Most Reliable
9. English Conversational Club Award
10. Diwa Learning Center Excellence Award
11. Balani Science Excellence Award

the last two medals were awarded by Diwa learning Center, a national entity.

the valedictorian who made history is my youngest daughter, Nikka. it can be recalled that Nikka won second place in the ABRACADABRA poetry writing contest sponsored by this group. click here to see.

is this entry a storm? i don’t know what this is to you but to me, this really is. imagine the passers ratio 1:21 and the twelve medals to her credit. her adviser’s comment upon knowing that she will be in PhiSci soon, ‘makakahanap ka na ng katapat mo doon, Viktoria’. somehow, it is true. and to show how proud Immanuel School of Davao is of Nikka, she was included in the billboards posted in four locations, one of which is placed in the school’s entrance.

click here for her valedictory address she herself wrote.
click here for pictures

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The Son…The Father…Me


The Son…The Father…Me
“What a father teaches to his son will also be taught by the same son to his own.”


SOMETIME IN THE EARLY 60’s…on the hilly side of a remote barrio Bongabong, in Pantukan, Davao…around 5:00 a.m…
“This is radio station DXAW now signing on. This station is owned and operated by Auto Broadcasting System (now ABS-CBN) and transmitting at 640 kilocycles.”, the Avegon transistor radio blared in the early summer morning.
The door of a small house has opened. The father, Teofilo (RIP), has sharpened his grasshawk while his carabao has just started to nibble the young kumpay grass. The smell of burning kerosene from the abohan (cooking place) suggested that the mother, Isidora (RIP), had risen too. The son, about twelve, was unaware of what was going on. He was still in his deep sleep.
As expected, “Pagmata na diha! (hey,there, wake up)”, the father said.
The son hesitantly obeyed. After he rubbed his face with his bare hands, he headed towards the small, wood framed mirror to comb his long hair, Beatles style. The father’s Tugaris wristwatch displayed 5:10 a.m. He then re-tuned the radio to dxMM to listen to his favorite songs. “Constantly” by Cliff Richard. “There’s Always Me” by Elvis, but most of all, to the Beatles. He has seen them on Song Cavalcade, a songbook called songhits. To him, they were the best. The father’s advise not to sport long hair was ignored. His big but flat nose did not match to his hair, unlike the real Beatles’.
The father though, did not fail to instill to the son’s mind the rewards of hard work. Of perseverance. Of self-reliance. Of trustworthiness. Of diligence. And many more. He did these not just by words but also by acts. He was a man of few words. He showed strong character not only during plentiful harvests but also on scarce seasons.
And yes, the importance of education. In one occasion, the son joked about the father’s ability to write clearly. It was election time. Marcos/Lopez vs. Macapagal/Pelaez for president/vice president. The father practiced what he would write in the ballot. He preferred Marcos/ Lopez but the “c” in Marcos was not bent well and the “L” in Lopez looked like a “B”. The son called him Marios Bopez. The father just laughed and said, “Do not follow me. Study hard until you finish. I am here to support you.”
PRESENT TIME…in the city… The wall clock displays 7:00 a.m.
The telephone rings. The father answers. It is an early call from Mila Cabiliza, the procurement officer from Tagum City-based DANECO, an electric cooperative supplying electricity to two provinces and two cities. She asks if their rush ordered goods are ready to be picked up. DANECO, (together with all the electric cooperatives in Mindanao thru Kupler Industries) has been his regular client for years.
The father have already packed them up the day before. It took him and his buddies four days to fabricate the goods. His shop is neat and tidy. The tools are in their proper places.
The twenty five-year old son, Junjun, is still sleeping. The father does not want to wake him up. He knows his son is working overtime for his programs. The father’s dreams for him are now a reality. The son finished his studies and is now working for a foreign company. Home-based – through the internet. In fact, he now operates and maintain a website he himself created.
Did the father effectively instill to his son’s mind the rewards of hard work? Of perseverance? Of self-reliance? Of trustworthiness? Did he show it not only in words but also in deeds? Did he displayed a strong character to his son?
Maybe yes. Junjun followed what the father wants him to. He never had any tattoos– no body piercing in any manner. He does not smoke. He sticks to only one girl for almost five years. He works diligently.
A good son? Sure!
A good father? Maybe.
Obvious. Both have fathers. Both have sons. The fathers wake up earlier than the sons. They both taught their sons moral values not just by words but by deeds as well. They showed to their sons strength in character.
Why are they similar? It is but natural, an age-old fact. What a father teaches to his son will also be taught by the same son to his own. The son in the early 60’s and the father at present time is one and the same– and that is me. I have been raised by my father with moral values, so I have to, too, to my son.
My only regret is that my father’s dreams for me did not all come true. While my son finished his studies, I have not!
Still, I am a happy and fulfilled father to my son!

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‘fruits of her labor’

my youngest daughter, Nikka

what would you feel if one day your sixth grade daughter will tell you that she was told by their school administrator to write a poem to be submitted as an entry to a national search for young writers? and that it must be written inside the school campus? of course, you would feel very happy and proud, wouldn’t you?

i felt the same when that happened to me weeks ago. imagine, your youngest daughter in a national competition ! i would not feel as great if it is only for the school. i am used to it. my daughter, nikka (nelly karen viktoria), had been a consistent first honor student since she was in the prep until the fifth grade, and hopefully, another one this year. she has lots of medals in extra-curricular fields, too.

the next day after she told me about it, i went to immanuel school of davao, the school where she is in and saw this poster in the school’s bulletin board:
The Mechanics::

again, what would you feel if your daughter will tell you that she won second place in a national search for young writers? of course, you would feel happier…and more proud, wouldn’t you?

you guess it right; i felt the same way, too, when she told me so. it is not easy to be chosen from thousands of entries coming from different schools both from public and private nationwide. her entry must be that good at her level!

on the 24th day of last month (october), she surprised us all: my wife, nelly, my daughters gladys and kringkring, and my son, junjun. she brought home from school a box bearing her name and her school’s containing what i called ‘fruits of her labor’. inside the box were assorted books and dictionaries, an expensive digital clock, a beautiful school bag, and a cash gift of three thousand pesos. my heart swelled! and that night, gifts to her came in: an expensive wristwatch from my married eldest daughter, carmeli, who worked as a supervising engineer for ‘pinnacle holdings’ ,owner of ‘nccc chain of supermarts’, cakes from hannah, a long-time friend of my son and from her ‘kuya’ junjun, a beautiful necklace. great, aren’t they?

the ‘fruits of her labor’ inside the box are priceless, no doubt about it – they are not bought, nor solicited but prizes. what made me feel the proudest father in the world though did not came from that box . it was inside an envelope/folder that was given to her in an unscheduled ceremony in her school by the search sponsor’s representative. this is it:

        the winning entry:

      The Voice of the Future
by: Nelly Karen Viktoria Rosales

Protect our earth – that is my call
To all people, great or small
In homes where recycling start
And it is up to us to do our part.

Global warming means destruction
Chloroflourocardon causes devastation
Throwing garbage in its proper place
Marks the beginning of the new race
Of concerned populace united as one
To save the Earth with loads of fun.

the national search for young creative writers was sponsored by:

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