The Passion of Christ…but where?

The Passion of Christ

Today is Good Friday. Let’s meditate on the sufferings of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

                                                      Let us pray
Lord our God, through the passion of your only Son, you have freed us from our inheritance of sin and death. Destroy in us our inborn likeness to Adam and create us a new in the likeness of the new and sinless Adam. We ask this through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Today is the 21st day of March, 2008, Good Friday. On my DVD player, I’ve just watched The Passion of the Christ, a movie directed by Mel Gibson and starring Jim Caviezel. I exactly don’t know how many times i have seen this, maybe 10, or maybe more, but i haven’t yet understood the real story. That Jesus was betrayed by Judas, yes. That He was scourged and crucified for this betrayal, yes. That He died and resurrected, yes. The plot is clear. The sequences are in order.

Still, something is missing. What it is, I really don’t know. Maybe I will watch it again, and again, to grasp it.

I remember when i was on the third grade. I was then 10 years old. The school was Bongabong Elementary, a public school located in a remote area, at that time, two hours bus ride from the Davao City (in the southern part of the Philippines). We were taught RELIGION by Mrs. Apolonia de la Cerna. The Seven Capital Sins, The Seven Corporal and The Seven Spiritual Works of Mercy…and many more which I have already forgotten. She also taught us prayers and The Holy Rosary.

I studied well. When the year ended, I topped in my class. As part of the commencement exercises, I was to recite a short poem probably written by her. The title was The Passion of Christ. I can still remember it went this way:
                The Passion of Christ

          Jesus hanging on the cross
          Tell me is it I?
          There are teardrops in your eyes
          Did I make you cry?

          I have been a naughty child
          As naughty as can be
          Now I am very sorry, Lord
          Won’t you pardon me?

When I recited this in front of the parents, I never knew what was the real message it brought. What was only clear were the words I uttered.

But that was then– many years ago. Looking back at it, I now fully comprehend the message. Clearly. Distinctly. A very short poem takes time to be completely understood because the words used may bear different meanings.

To understand the passion of our Lord? It will take a much longer time, sometimes a lifetime, sometimes never in a lifetime. The lesson we can learn from the DVD is a very small part of the whole. It is only a droplet compared to an ocean. Even thousands of DVDs could not complete it.

How can one grasp the lesson? The meaning? I am not an authority on this, neither will I try to illustrate things to achieve the answer. I may mislead others which I don’t want to. As I have said, I myself missed the answer. All what we can do is to keep on searching for it in an untiring way asking for Divine Intervention. Who knows, it might be just around the bend.

May we find the answer sooner!

Have a blessed Good Friday!

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