Many people around the globe are wondering if the end of the world is near. I don’t think there has ever been such a widespread interest in this topic like there is today. The signs of the end are prevalent. War, famine, natural disasters, incredible and rapid increase in knowledge. Poisoning of the air and water. Birds of the air and the Fish of the seas dying in huge numbers. These are just a few of the Biblical signs.
The signs are so strong now and the evidence is so clear that any person willing to accept the truth can see that the end of the world, as we know it, is near.
The Bible warns of the signs of moral degeneration in our society that will lead us to the end.
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Second Coming Of Jesus Christ & Polar Shift, Global Earthquake

Second Coming Of Jesus Christ & Polar Shift, Global Earthquake

And the same hour was there a great earthquake, and the tenth part of the city fell, and in the earthquake were slain of men seven thousand: and the remnant were affrighted, and gave glory to the God of heaven. (Revelation 16:18)
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My Life’s Dedication (a re-affirmation)

                  My Life’s Dedication
                      (a re-affirmation)

with your love, i am now what I am told
with gray hair i know i have lived so long
i can not repay you with silver nor with gold
only my whole self and an ardent song

i shall sing to you the song of praise
the song of thanks and of adoration
i shall sing from my heart with bent knees
i shall make you the object of my meditation

for the life in the fields, the murmur of brooks
the peace in the sky, the love in the breeze
the beauty in flowers, the care from the folks
i shall gaily sing for them a lively song of praise

for the seas and hills, the valleys and plains
for every drop of rain that all-year round you bring
for the rays of the sun that shine on the grains
a sincere song of thanks i shall joyfully sing

for every hope and inspiration your beauty yield
for every morn broken, for every flower borne
for every dream fulfilled with your bountiful field
i shall sing for you the solemn adoration song

when lightning strike and quake mightily shake
when storm furiously blow and thunder angrily roar
when fear and confusion will stir the minds of the weak
i shall comfort them– they are whom i lived for

when there will be droughts and your brooks will run dry
when the fields crack and the shady trees’ leaves fall
when the sun will ceaselessly burn in the sky
i shall shed my tears to refresh your thirsty soul

when there will be floods and your treasure be drifted away
when the birds shiver and the flowers lose their charm
when the rain will continue to pour all day
i shall offer my breast to make your cold heart warm

i know i have but a single life to live
it maybe filled with joy more than a heart could bear
still, this blissful life i shall willingly give
for you, the the edge of grave i shall never fear

i know i have a lone death to die
it maybe filled with blood and strife and pain
still, i shall take that death without a sigh
what i lose for you will be counted as my gain

the sharp claws of death can do me no harm
its fangs may pierce me like a double-edged knife
i maybe torn to pieces but my heart shall remain warm
to serve just you till the last speck of my life

the wide mouth of death can swallow me not
dust and ashes i may become in my final rest
tho’ the wear of time will make the mortal in me rot
i know somewhere in your heart i shall forever exist!

                                           sometime in mid ’77
                                           Cadunan, Mabini, Davao del Norte

I wrote this as a man in his later years, toiling under the heat of the sun as my father Teofilo (RIP) did. The romantic beauty of the interiors of Cadunan in Mabini, Davao del Norte (now ComVal Province) provided me countless ideas enough to fill pages of a modest book. My most meaningful works are written there, like TO YOU MY SON. Its rolling hills with the cool brooks were so fascinating that I promised to myself I will be back there someday to behold its beauty and perhaps write there once more. I know Totong Awoman, our neighbor then, will still share his sinudsoran. I hope…

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I Came From A Distant Place

I Came From A Distant Place

                        I Came From A Distant Place

I came from a distant place
But that place was not for me
Even though its skies were blue
Away from there I had to go

The people there, I love them all
But the people there made me small
That’s why I became so mad
But right now for being so I’m sad

When I was young in that distant place
There were no storms, just soft breeze
There my ship began to sail
With hopes someday I’d never fail

In that place as I grow
Hard strong winds furiously blew
It’s really sad to think
That my ship – it has to sink

I knew it was so unkind
To leave my sunken ship behind
But for me it was a crossroad
Leading to my life or to my load

This new place is not like that place
You greet me here with an embrace
Tho’ my life was as dark as night
Can go through it ’cause you give me light

From this place I’ve clearly seen
The stormy sea where I have been
Thanks to you for what you give
A strong new ship for me to live

That distant place had been a part of me
And the people there I long to see
I’ll pray someday they’ll greet me warm
Forevermore, they’ll do me no harm

                                                 sometime in mid ’75
                                                 Pigsapawan, Gov. Gen., Dvo. Or.

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A Bird’s Day’s Flight

A Bird’s Day’s Flight

                        A Bird’s Day’s Flight

I woke up to the cold breaking morn
Another exhausting day was just born
A day meant for countless little things
But I didn’t ponder, I just spread my wings

To look for a foamy nest far away I tried
I did not take the folk’s words as guide
I left my nest and followed my way
It is not of velvet, I hate to stay

A bright colored flower I’ve seen on my way
And upon it’s soft petals I did lay
Truly there was comfort at its best
The comfort I never felt on my nest

Then my flower’s beauty began to fade
Because it was in the sun not in a shade
When the sun has sipped all the dew
The comfort was gone, away I had to go

Within my heart I felt little pain
But I knew I had to try again
To the highest cloud I hurriedly flew
So high that only me dared to

I reached the shapely cloud of silver
And tried so hard to find a nest there
But the trees – oh! no one can be found
There was emptiness, no one was around

Finally I find comfort not on the flower I love
Nor on the silvery clouds high above
But it is just here on my forsaken nest
As the day closes at the time of my rest

                                                 july 1, ’75

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Ang Kabilang Buhay

Ayon sa aming Religion teacher sa elementarya na si Mrs. Apolonia dela Cerna, may dalawang uri ng paghatol, ang particular judgment (para sa bawat indibiduwal) at ang general o final judgment. Nung isinulat ko ang tulang ito mahigit tatlumpung taon nang nagdaan, ang nasa isipan ko ay ang final judgment.
Sa Revelation 20:15, mababasa ang susunod:
12 At nakita ko ang mga patay, malalaki at maliliit, na nakatayo sa harap ng trono, at mga aklat ay nangabuksan. Ang isa pang aklat ay binuksan, na siyang aklat ng buhay. Ang mga patay ay hinatulan ayon sa kung ano ang kanilang ginawa gaya ng nakaulat sa mga aklat. 13 Ibinigay ng dagat ang mga patay na nasa loob nito, at kamatayan at ng hades ang mga taong patay na nasa kanila, at ang bawat tao ay hinuhusgahan ayon sa kung ano ang kanilang ginawa. 14 At ang kamatayan at ang Hades ay ibinulid sa dagatdagatang apoy. Ang lawa ng apoy ay ang pangalawang kamatayan. 15 Sinuman na ang pangalan ay hindi nasumpungang nakasulat sa aklat ng buhay, ay ibinulid sa dagatdagatang apoy.
Maliwanag na ito ang panahon ng paghatol hindi lamang sa mga patay kundi pati na sa mga buhay.
Ngayon ang tanong: may kinalaman kaya ang Revelation 20:12 sa katapusan ng Mayan long count calendar na magaganap sa Dececemder 21, 2012, winter solstice ng taong yun? Bakit parehong may numerong 2012? Ito ba’y isang coincidence lamang? May katotohanan kaya ito?

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I was once employed by a very good man, the late Atty. Sinforoso de los Reyes (RIP) of Davao City. When I was assigned to one of his properties in Madaum, Tagum (not yet a city then), I took time to write some things there. Here is one:

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Pasasalamat sa Maykapal

Noong isinulat ko ito mahigit tatlumpung taon na ang nakaraan, nasa malalim akong pagmumuni-muni tungkol sa ganda ng kapaligiran. Dumaan muna ang mahaba-habang panahon bago ko napansin na ang tulang ito ay tumatalakay sa ating limang pandama (senses), ang pandinig, pang-amoy, panlasa, panghipo, at pananaw. Dahil nito, buong-puso kong niyuyukuran at pinasasalamatan ang Nag-gabay sa akin upang maisulat ko ito.

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