Philippine Science High School Graduates

Philippine Science High School Southern Mindanao Campus

To all Philippine Science High School graduates of batch 2013:

An inspirational notes to gifted Phil Sci students coming from me? It sounds funny. Why would I dare? The truth is, you are smarter than me. If I can have tens of those notes, surely, you got hundreds. So, why waste my time inspiring your brilliant minds? Entering Phil Sci alone is already a great source of inspiration for you.

Instead of inspiring, which you already were, all I want to do is to guide you in setting your goals and objectives in life- like all fathers do to their sons and daughters. Like a gun loaded with only one bullet, I want you to focus to your targets before squeezing your triggers because in life, there is no rewind and no replay – there is no turning back. What you put into it must be the ones you want in the future. If you want your lives to be in color green, you must stick to it even if there are rainbows dancing before you.

It is true that there are diverse roads leading to your desired destination. There are well-paved, there are crooked, and thorny, and rocky. Any of them is worth taking. It is your choice as long as it leads to your destinations. Just remember not to take the shortcuts for it will lead to failure.

Brilliant Phil Sci students, this note is not to challenge your intelligence – I know I can’t beat you. You have been in this institution because of it. I wrote this as your father and a guide. Halfway, I knew what life is. I have been traveling through it for sixty two long years and all I can say, along the way, there are detours; there are ups and downs. Just be strong to bear with them. Like what your instructors did to you, life has tests – and because you pass your instructors’, you will surely pass them, too.

My dear students, I want you to solemnly pledge to yourselves, and to your parents as well, that you will always aim your guns to your targets; that you will travel bravely to reach your desired destinations no matter what the hindrances might be. Have strong faith in yourselves. Tho’ you will be traveling on a long hard road, you will soon realize that success is just a few steps away.

Good luck. May the Divine Guidance be with you always.

Your guide,
Isidoro Rosales

I wrote this one last year when my youngest daughter, Nikka, graduated from Philippine Science High School Southern Mindanao Campus (PiSay or PhiSci)(year 2013). We, the parents of the graduating students, were asked to write a letter of inspiration to the new graduates which I did without hesitation.
Since this is another time for graduations, I decided to post this here with hopes that, in one way or the other, the message contained herein will be absorbed by our new graduates.

Click here for the front view of PhiSci

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