SLOW DOWN: ROAD UNDER REPAIRWhy do heavy equiptments like backhoes, graders, bulldozers, road rollers, cranes and others all come out only when a national election is near?

Last May first I went to our place, Bongabong in Pantukan, Comval Province, to attend our yearly family reunion which was also my father’s death anniversary. Bongabong is about ninety kms from Davao city. Along the way, I passed several road repairs, about eight of them, most extending to almost a kilometer. The trip which took only two hours the last time I visited there a month before became more than three hours – a long delay.

If the road repairs were undertaken every year, my trip to Bongabong would normally encounter barely two of these, not bad.

These heavy equiptments will disappear again after the elections and reappear only after six years. I just wonder if the flow of funds for maintenance of these equiptments, fuels, and their operator’s compensation also ceases after the elections.

For more of these, we can ask Senator Lacson…and the World Bank, too.
click on the following headlines for a bird’s eyeview on the issue:
Slippery former DPWH exec a veteran of controversies
Top DPWH exec exposes P153-M financial scam
17 DPWH execs face graft raps in WB projects

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