…a calm before the storm

‘…a calm before the storm’

a line from one of my favorite songs ‘have you ever seen the rain’ by CCR goes this way:
‘someone told me long ago, there’s a calm before the storm’

the last entry to this blog aside from this one was on february 24 and prior to that was on january 13. it is just now that i have entered this one. for almost two months, there was a lull- calm, stillness. and as the song goes,’there’s a calm before the storm’, here now comes the storm.

out of more than twenty-one thousand who took the national PhilSci entrance/scholarship exams on 15th of november last year, only a thousand passed. that is in the entire philippines. and out of more than three thousand who took it in mindanao, only ninety passed. the overall ratio of the passers against those who took is 1:21! the result was released on the 15th of february this year and one of passers is my youngest daughter, Nikka (Nelly Karen Viktoria).

for the first time in the history of this school, a student garnered eleven more medals aside from the one as a valedictorian this year, to wit:
1. Best in English
2. Best in EPP [Edukasyon Pangtahanan at Pangkalusugan]
3. Best in Mathematics
4. Best in Hekasi [Heograpiya, Kasaysayan at Sibika]
5. Best in Science
6. Best in Filipino
7. Best in Spelling
8. Most Reliable
9. English Conversational Club Award
10. Diwa Learning Center Excellence Award
11. Balani Science Excellence Award

the last two medals were awarded by Diwa learning Center, a national entity.

the valedictorian who made history is my youngest daughter, Nikka. it can be recalled that Nikka won second place in the ABRACADABRA poetry writing contest sponsored by this group. click here to see.

is this entry a storm? i don’t know what this is to you but to me, this really is. imagine the passers ratio 1:21 and the twelve medals to her credit. her adviser’s comment upon knowing that she will be in PhiSci soon, ‘makakahanap ka na ng katapat mo doon, Viktoria’. somehow, it is true. and to show how proud Immanuel School of Davao is of Nikka, she was included in the billboards posted in four locations, one of which is placed in the school’s entrance.

click here for her valedictory address she herself wrote.
click here for pictures

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