the ‘unexpected call’

my friend, Shirley Asprec Naumann

3:40 pm, november 11

krrrring. krrrring. krrrring, the phone rings.


can i talk to manoy doro, please?”

si manoy doro ni! (this is manoy doro!)”

this is Shirley…


your friendster friend!

ah, yes! how’s attorney … (name withheld)?”

this is Shirley…from germany…

oh, i’m sorry! i thought you are Rowena. oh, Shirley, how are you?

and from there followed a lenghty conversation between me and Shirley, a nurse, dentist, a good artist and a friend from friendster. my tagalog with visayan accent , once again, was put to use. although i have worked in manila with western advertising for almost two years, my tongue is still sticky when i use it in tagalog. i am a pure ‘bisaya’.

first i mistook her as Rowena, another friend who is also in contact with me. Shirley is a good conversationalist. we talked about our families, about teeners, her travels, the internet, and ‘life’ in general. we also talked about friendster friends. she even ask how close is Eng to me as a friend. eng is a common friend.

in the midst of our long conversation, she ask if she could put into print poems from my blog which i, without hesitation, said yes. she said she liked them. i think our conversation lasted for more than forty minutes. i thanked her for spending her precious time to call me.

actually, shirley is not the first to ask for it. there were, if i remember it right, already five of them- and i granted them all. the first and prominent one is ka ester. what is the use of posting those ‘things’ if not be given away? they should have not been there in he first place!

the significance of ‘my unexpected call’? cyber friends are not just in cyberspace; they exist as real as our friends around us!


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