‘fruits of her labor’

my youngest daughter, Nikka

what would you feel if one day your sixth grade daughter will tell you that she was told by their school administrator to write a poem to be submitted as an entry to a national search for young writers? and that it must be written inside the school campus? of course, you would feel very happy and proud, wouldn’t you?

i felt the same when that happened to me weeks ago. imagine, your youngest daughter in a national competition ! i would not feel as great if it is only for the school. i am used to it. my daughter, nikka (nelly karen viktoria), had been a consistent first honor student since she was in the prep until the fifth grade, and hopefully, another one this year. she has lots of medals in extra-curricular fields, too.

the next day after she told me about it, i went to immanuel school of davao, the school where she is in and saw this poster in the school’s bulletin board:
The Mechanics::

again, what would you feel if your daughter will tell you that she won second place in a national search for young writers? of course, you would feel happier…and more proud, wouldn’t you?

you guess it right; i felt the same way, too, when she told me so. it is not easy to be chosen from thousands of entries coming from different schools both from public and private nationwide. her entry must be that good at her level!

on the 24th day of last month (october), she surprised us all: my wife, nelly, my daughters gladys and kringkring, and my son, junjun. she brought home from school a box bearing her name and her school’s containing what i called ‘fruits of her labor’. inside the box were assorted books and dictionaries, an expensive digital clock, a beautiful school bag, and a cash gift of three thousand pesos. my heart swelled! and that night, gifts to her came in: an expensive wristwatch from my married eldest daughter, carmeli, who worked as a supervising engineer for ‘pinnacle holdings’ ,owner of ‘nccc chain of supermarts’, cakes from hannah, a long-time friend of my son and from her ‘kuya’ junjun, a beautiful necklace. great, aren’t they?

the ‘fruits of her labor’ inside the box are priceless, no doubt about it – they are not bought, nor solicited but prizes. what made me feel the proudest father in the world though did not came from that box . it was inside an envelope/folder that was given to her in an unscheduled ceremony in her school by the search sponsor’s representative. this is it:

        the winning entry:

      The Voice of the Future
by: Nelly Karen Viktoria Rosales

Protect our earth – that is my call
To all people, great or small
In homes where recycling start
And it is up to us to do our part.

Global warming means destruction
Chloroflourocardon causes devastation
Throwing garbage in its proper place
Marks the beginning of the new race
Of concerned populace united as one
To save the Earth with loads of fun.

the national search for young creative writers was sponsored by:

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