Dahil sa matinding pagsisising hindi nakapagtapos noon, naisulat ko ang tulang ito.

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13 comments on “Pagkakauhaw

    • Sa tinood lang Bay Rico, ni-offer si Noy Maning (Mr. Emmanuel Puyat (R.I.P.), kadtong Municipal Councilor nga manager sa dakong plantasyon sa Bongabong) nga bisan unsay kurso nga gusto nako, siyay bahala sa tanang gasto pero wala nako siya seryosoha. Kahibalo ini ang iyang kamagulangang anak nga si Joy (Judith Puyat Magnaye). Mao nga sa dihang kinahanglan nga motrabaho na ko aron makakwarta, dIha na nako siya mahinumdomi nga ulahi na. Igo na lang ko sa pagmahay. Karon, nadawat na nako ang tanan…

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  1. FOR PEOPLE WHO STROVE AND FAILED, NO SUCH THING AS WASTED TIME. Never ever cast teary eyes, much less regret, to a past that made you what you are now. I really wish to shake your hands for a kudos you truly deserved…You’ve written poem good enough to stimulate inspiration to a generation seemingly perplexed from our perspective. But for all we know, even the hardcore among scums in our society would one day serve as the divine seed purposely sown to awaken the true self of a million souls. BE THE BEST OF WHAT YOU ARE NOW. AND ALWAYS ENJOY THE PRESENT AS THE PRODUCT OF A “HARDENING PROCESS” IN THE PAST. You are Great my friend….

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  2. Dor…hindi ka nga nakatapos mag-aral…the more i am amazed now…pano na lang kung nakatapos ka? over, over na ang inabot mo nyan?! ngayon nga lang, hindi ka nakatapos, you have done or written such remarkable work, writings…and i really have some “tinge of envy”in me for what u have done…kasi, love ko magsulat…bata pa ako, i would write what i felt or think then, with music in the background….

    but our dreams and plans do not turn out the way we would have liked them to…naiba ako ng landas…thou even at my busy time, i would scribble my thoughts…kya lang hindi tulad ng gawa mo Doro…HATS OFF TO YOU, MY DEAREST FRIEND!!! AND I THANK YOU FOR ALL THESE THINGS U HAVE SHARED WITH ME AND THE WORLD…GOD BLESS, SID!!!~

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  3. Daghang salamat, higalang Carol.
    Karon lang ko magbinisaya dinhi kay nahibalo ko nga taga-Pantukan ra sab ka, di ba? Hinumdomi dihang nilansar si Boy Ledesma pagka presidente sa SBO sa Pantukan High School, ako tong nilansar pod isip iyang bise, Doro Rosales. Si Hyron Ranain, ang vice-mayor karon sa Pantukan, usa sa line-up namo isip senador.


  4. Ang mga komentong ito ay makikita sa naunang presentasyon ng tulang ito na nasa ARCHIVES, March 2008:

    It is just now that i fully understand these lines. You have not attended hi-standard schools. You may not have finished your course, but to me, you are a fine man. Never regret it. Your numerous works suggested that you have already attained wisdom [if we can call it that way].

    Posted by: Nelly | March 15, 2008 12:08 AM

    if only we have the ability to turn back the time,undo some of the things we’ve done,maybe life would have been different.MAYBE.WHO KNOWS???

    Posted by: eng | March 22, 2008 07:19 AM

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  5. Regrets oftentimes come in the end. I am also now beyond the point of having done better in the past. I just wish I would live long enough to see my grandchildren and I may not be able to reach what you have already achieved. We know that as we near the end of our journey, the choices we have become less. I can only comfort myself with the thought that “a life well-spent is a long life”.

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